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golf fitness

Move better, hit farther


Looking to add yardage to your game? One of the easiest ways to lower your score is to be closer to the hole off the tee. This added distance can be created through increasing mobility, strength, and power that we encapsulate in our individualized golf fitness programs.


Using the latest fitness techniques, state of the art fitness equipment and golf specific fitness and tracking brands such as Rogue®, Golf Forever™, SuperSpeed Golf™ and WhatsThatStrap trainer, we look to provide an unrivaled experience.

Training rotational athletes with different movement capabilities and physical capacity requires deep expertise. Dr. Mathias is Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical and Fitness Level 2. TPI is the world's leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. This means you are getting the latest and most efficient golf fitness techniques leading to better results and lower scores. 



Depending on your goals and level, we will start with one or multiple simple screens to analyze your mobility, strength and/or power. Additionally, initial swing speed will be analyzed for baseline numbers.


After analyzing the results of your screens, we will identify and priortize the areas that are most affecting your swing and distance.


Using state of art fitness and mobility equipment, we will follow an individualized golf specific fitness program to get you feeling looser and hitting farther! Throughout your program and at the conclusion of each phase of your plan, we will monitor swing speed if appropriate as well as perform our initial screens to evaluate progress. 

Golf Fitness in Dublin, OH
Golf Fitness in Dublin, OH
Golf Fitness in Dublin, OH
Golf Fitness in Dublin, OH


  • Monthly and annual fitness plans available starting at $50/session. Call for your custom fitness program and pricing.

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