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Keeping you on the course, hitting farther & playing longer


Why come to CRGP? Our doctor is Titleist Performance Institute Certified, allowing you to have the confidence in working with a doctor that understands the golf swing and the injury inducing movements that can come with it. Our golf specific rehabilitation focuses on getting you out of pain and building you up stronger and more stable to minimize injury reoccurrence. 

Dr. Mathias is Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical and Fitness Level 2. TPI is the world's leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. This means you are getting the latest and most efficient golf fitness techniques leading to better results and lower scores. 



Our primary goal is to alleviate your pain by uncovering the underlying issue. By conducting a range of assessments and screens specifically tailored to the golf swing, we aim to pinpoint the exact cause of your discomfort.

For example: Is your low back truly the source of the problem, or is it possible that your hips are not mobile enough, causing your back to overcompensate and become irritated?


Using our assessments and screens as a guide, an individualized treatment plan is devised. The chiropractic and rehabilitation programs we offer are designed to enhance mobility, stability, and/or strength. These particular factors are vital to both the golf swing and injury prevention and treatment.


For example: Do you need to improve shoulder mobility so that your back isn't taking on excessive motion? Is your lack of core stability creating problems? Is there weakness in the glute and hip muscles causing improper mechanics during the swing?

Chiropractic physician, Bo Mathias treating a client at Columbus Rehab & Golf Performance in Dublin, Ohio


Our chiropractic and rehabilitation plans are designed to not only alleviate pain and enhance stability, mobility, and strength, but also to reduce the risk of re-injury. Our approach is geared towards long-term success, eliminating the pattern of merely treating symptoms of recurring pain. We are committed to keeping you on track, feeling better, and playing longer!


  • New Patient Evaluation: $75

  • Chiropractic Adjustment: $55

  • Rehab Session: $55 (30mins), $110 (60mins)

  • Kinesiotaping: $20

  • Normatec Recovery: $1/min



Functional Rehab

Back Massage

Muscle Release Therapy 


NormaTec Compression


Hypervolt Therapy

Kinesiotaping on knee that is slightly bent


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